Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Two Month Birthday, Knox!

On his actual 2 month birthday, Knox was feeling pretty crummy after getting three shots.  Oh, that was so hard to watch.  I didn’t think it would affect me since I actually love giving shots at work, but it was completely different watching him get them.  He turned beet red, and did the cry where he was crying so hard no sound was coming out.  And it was the first time he cried actual tears.  It absolutely broke my heart, and by the third shot I was tearing up with him.  He was so pitiful the rest of the day, so lots of extra cuddle time was needed, which was just fine with me.
2.  Sleeping off my 2 month shots with mommy
So, because of that, we did our 2 month photo shoot extravaganza the next day when he was feeling a little perkier!  Look at my happy baby!
4.  Happy boy at 2 months 5.  2 months old! Our monthly “Knox in the chair” shot with his blue bear.  He’s definitely bigger!9.  Knox with Bear in chair at 2 months He’s also recently discovered his tongue, and loves playing with it.
10.  Discovering my tongue The monthly shot of his baby feet.
11.  Baby feet Next, we played under his activity gym for a bit until he got sleepy.
14.  Getting sleepy And then we tried to get in some tummy time.  He’s still not a huge fan, but he’ll tolerate it for a little bit.
18.  Tolerating tummy time He was giving me all sorts of smiles when he woke up from his nap that afternoon, but of course, I couldn’t catch any with the camera.
21.  Waking up from nap time I take so many pictures of him, the poor kid’s gonna think his mother’s face is silver and flashes at him.
22.  Just waking up Daddy gave him his bath this day, which Knox enjoyed as usual!23.  Daddy giving bath25.  Loves bath time
At his two month doctor’s appointment, we confirmed what we already knew:  the boy likes to eat, and is growing like a weed.  :)  He weighed in at 12 lbs 13 oz and was 23 inches long.  90th percentile for both!  He’s actually just about outgrown most of his 3 month onsies, and its really hard for me to believe he needs to be wearing 6 month clothes.  It’s all going so fast! 

He’s still doing great with sleeping at night.  He now goes to bed around 9 pm and wakes up for feedings around 1:30, 4:30, and 7:30.  Apparently most babies that go to bed at 9:00 wake up around 11:30 for a feed, and then sleep for four or five hours, so for a while I kept waiting up for Knox to wake up so I could feed him and then get several hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Turns out he didn’t read that book, and his longest stretch of sleep starts at 9 pm.  I’m trying to start going to bed then, but for a night owl like me, that’s really really hard! 

On January 12, 2012, he discovered his new favorite trick which is to stand up – supported, of course.  He loves facing me and pushing off my stomach with his feet into a standing position, and then sitting back down again.  We do this over and over, and he loves it.  He’s so proud of himself every time he stands up.  :) 

Happy Two Months, Knox!  We sure do love you! 

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