Friday, February 25, 2011

Grown-Up Toys

Our heater and air-conditioner finally bit the dust.  I give them credit though… they were 30 years old, and our heater had been on it’s way out for a year and a half.  (It would turn on, but not off.  We had to control it by cutting the power in the fuse box in my closet.)  So, $4,200 dollars later, we have a new “grown-up toy” – a new heater and air-conditioner!  (I’d rather have the 6 pairs of Louboutins I could have bought for that price… but I guess heat and air is a necessity.)

The mess in the bathroom while they removed the old heating unit.  
1.  Work Zone
The old heater. 2.  Old Unit
Our antique ac unit, next to our new compact one.  3.  Old AC
Nice and shiny and new!4.  New Unit
Isn’t it pretty?  (Funny what you can get excited about when you know your hard earned money paid for something like this.)5.  New AC
Best of all, I finally took the reminder sign to “turn off heater” off the door!  (Since it wouldn’t turn off by itself, if we’d accidentally left it on, Lucy would have melted.)6.  Heater Sign

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