Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day 2011!

After having to drive to work on solid ice the past two days, I was happy to A:  have the day off, and B:  wake up to a beautiful snow covering everything in sight! 

1.  Stairs 
HUGE snow drifts on the front stairway.  2.  Stairs
Lucy loves to play in the snow!3.  Lucy playing  You can’t even tell where the street is compared to the sidewalk.  5.  Street Beautiful!  6.  Street 7.  Street The 4Runner.  8.  4Runner 19.  4Runner
Logan’s car.  20.  Logan's Car
I guess this looks like a good place to sit…21.  Lucy sitting in snow
Snow butt!18.  Frozen butt9.  Parking Lot 10.  Snow The pool looks a little more inviting in the summer…12.  Pool Frozen.  14.  Frozen water 15.  Chairs 17.  Pool    My favorite picture of Lucy: 23.  Lucy happy in snow
Happy snow day everyone! 

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