Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rooster!

My “little” brother turned 27 on March 1st!  To celebrate, we went to Splitsville for dinner and bowling!  20.  Bowling balls 
The birthday boy!  8.  Birthday Ross
I don’t know how she does it, but Jessica always gets my dad to “dance”.  :)  9.  Jess and Dad dancing
Being the super-hero lover that he is, Jessica had super-hero cupcakes made for Ross!  I understand that all of these characters are from conflicting comic books, but all I know is that they tasted delish.  7.  Superhero Cupcakes  
Jessica’s friend is also trying to start her own bakery, and she donated some cupcakes for our enjoyment as well.  (As a general rule – you never turn down free cupcakes!)10.  More cupcakes 11.  Ross My sweet parents.  12.  Mom and Dad  Logo and me.  13.  Lorin and Logan
I’ve always had a soft spot for Superman…14.  My Cupcake
Logan showing off his bowling skills.  16.  Logan bowling
Turns out my mom is quite the bowler!  If she didn’t get a strike right away, she always ended up with a spare anyway.  15.  Mom 
Jessica and I were best at the gutter balls.  :) 17.  Jessica bowling
My turn!  21.  Lorin bowling
Ron-Ron!  18.  Dad bowling 19.  Ross and Jessica  
The ladies.  22.  The girls The “kids”.  23.  The kids
Happy Birthday, Ross!!

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