Monday, November 8, 2010

In fantasy, the season never ends…

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Okay.  I love football.  I love my husband.  I love the iPhone.  I do not love these three things together. 

Let me explain.  Logan is a sports fanatic.  He gets so involved in watching the games, it’s endearing.  He and his friends play each other in fantasy football every year, and it’s really pretty entertaining to hear them trash talk each other.  I even enjoyed seeing Andy when he came over for this year’s fantasy football draft.  I also joined a team of my own to get more involved.  But the thing is, Logan doesn’t just have one fantasy football team.  He has four.  And he doesn’t just play fantasy football.  He plays fantasy baseball and fantasy basketball too.  This was all well and good… until the iPhone came along. 

Logan used to be a Blackberry guy.  I’ve always been an iPhone gal.  I tried to tell him the iPhone is superior to the Blackberry, but he refused to switch – until his Blackberry broke for the second time in a year.  About two months ago, Logan got is own iPhone 4 and is now completely obsessed with it.  Yes, the email capabilities are great, and Angry Birds is a wonderful time waster… but the ability to constantly receive immediate updates on all of your sports games (both live and fantasy) has made his iPhone what I now lovingly refer to as the third member our marriage. 

Again, I love football.  But the problem with fantasy sports is that not only do you have to watch your home team play each week, but you also have to watch every other game that your fantasy players play in.  In order to accomplish this, one must go to a dining establishment that has multiple TV’s (preferably large flat screens) all tuned in to a different game.  And if the dining establishment has Wi-Fi capabilities, you should bring your laptop to keep up with the games that aren’t being broadcasted, all while receiving score updates on your iPhone.  It’s exhausting! 

It was only last week that I learned that Logan has joined a fantasy basketball league as well.  I’m fine with that.  But I soon realized that all of this fantasy work isn’t going to end when football season is over… 

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