Monday, November 8, 2010

Cowboys Game!

A couple of weeks ago, Whitney and Cody invited us to go to the Dallas Cowboys game with them!  I have always wanted to go, but hadn’t ever been.  Whitney’s dad has a childhood friend that owns a suite at the new stadium, and he gave us all tickets!  So not only did we have amazing seats in a suite, we had all of the free food and drink we wanted.  The food was amazing – especially the gourmet mac and cheese, and I fell in love with the praline pretzels.  (Don’t try one unless you’re ready to start an addiction.)  Even though the Cowboys lost (no surprise…) we still had an amazing time.  Logan and Cody enjoyed bonding over their fantasy teams and just good old fashioned “man talk”, while Whitney got to catch up.  Thank you so much Cody and Whitney for letting us come!!

1. Cheerleaders The flags were giant sparklers!!2. Flags with sparkles Introducing the team…  You could feel the heat from the flames.  3. Fire and players 5. The team with fire Game time!6.  Game The massive TV7.  Huge TV9.  Lorin and Logan10. Whitney and Cody Cody, entertaining himself while I searched for the perfect jersey.  11.  Cody Cowboy

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