Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Introducing: Mike and Leanne Goodspeed!

On June 13th, Mike and Leanne had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The best part (besides the fact that two of our best friends are finally hitched) was that Logan and I got to go on vacation! The wedding was on the beach of the resort where we stayed, the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar - and it was fantastic. I've posted too many pictures to count, but take a look at them and see just how beautiful this place is, and how much fun we had!

This is the view from our room. The waves were HUGE while we were there. (10 to 15 feet tall.) When the waves would crash onto the shore, it would rattle the sliding glass door onto our balcony, and sounded like thunder. It was great for falling asleep to! Standing at the porch, looking back into our room. From the front door, leading into our room. The biggest bed ever.Bathroom.
I went into Leanne's HUGE suite while she was getting ready for the ceremony. This was her balcony. What the picture doesn't show is that it wraps around the other side of the building too. Amazing. From her balcony we could see them setting up the ceremony site.
We could also see the boys swimming and making the cabana boy fetch their drinks. Mike, Stevo and Jeff in the infiniti pool.Ah, I do love my Logan.
Mike, walking his mom down the aisle. Leanne and her dad coming down the aisle. The ceremony.The kiss!
Jason, Jeff and me during cocktail hour. Logan wandered back down to the beach... and lost one of his shoes in the waves. Look at that face. How can you not love it??We sat with Jason and Stephanie at the reception. Love them!Logan and me. Jeff, me, Leanne, Mike and Jason.She's officially taken, fellas!Their cake topper. So perfect.
Logan, Mike and me.
An open bar means tequilla shots all around!Oooohh, looks like they didn't go down easily.
Bonding time with the guys. Jeffrey and me. Love that guy!

More male bonding.Mike and Logan toasting Leanne and Mike's dads. Leanne and Mike making their entrance onto the beach for the bonfire.
Sparklers!!I LOVE this picture.
We made s'mores on the beach.The sunrise view from our room the next morning.
As we made our way to breakfast, I stopped to take some pictures of the hotel. This is standing at the front, overlooking the infiniti pool, and I'm standing at the top of a fountain.
This is the view of the hotel when I turned around.
One of the pools had a gorgeous flower on the bottom made of tile. The other pools had different tile images in them too. We climbed up this spiral staircase and ended up on the rooftop deck with a fantastic view.
Logan and me. And with Jason.
Leanne gave me one of the reception centerpieces for the room.
Logan and I ordered roomservice and had dinner on our balcony one night. I ordered the "grilled vegetable salad", which ended up being cold, grilled vegetables stacked high over one piece of lettuce. Oh well. Breakfast the next morning. Yummm.
Logan enjoying a "Lava Flow" in the infiniti poolWe ate lunch at Cabo Wabo downtown. They make a mean margarita!
The wall art heading upstairs at Cabo Wabo was amazing.
An official Cabo Wabo margarita, made with Cabo Wabo tequilla, of course!
Logan asked to borrow Stephanie's english to spanish dictionary. Little did she know he'd be looking up inappropriate words...
...and that she'd soon be helping him with pronounciation.
On the way to our next stop we passed a bar that had dollar bills covering all the walls and the celing.
We stopped at an outdoor market, where I bought this ridiculously huge sun hat that was too big for me to take home on the plane. Oh well. Logan thought I looked like I belonged in a rice paddy with it on anyway. :)
Next stop: Margaritavilla!Bucket 'o Pacifico
And a bucket 'o Corona. The perfect afternoon.
Later that night we had steak at the ocean front restaurant with Jason and Stephanie.
These huge hurricaines were all around the patio we ate on.
The next night Logan and I went to the authentic Mexican restaurant at the resort. The people eating next to us caught tons of fresh fish that day and had the chefs there cook it for them. They had so much left over that they gave Logan and I each two pieces of Mahi-Mahi cooked two different ways. It was fantastic.
I ordered enchaladas, but only made a small dent in them since I was so full from the fish!
After dinner, we met Mike and Leanne at the tequilla bar for drinks. This place has over 150 different kinds of tequilla!
The beautiful bride! I love that dress. (And she wore it with cute blue heels!) Mike and Leanne showed us how they tried to learn how to dance on YouTube... ...and it went well until Mike got a little frisky.
The next day Logan and I finally got to spend an afternoon on the beach. Before this day no one was allowed near the water because the waves were too big. Okay, check out this next picture sequence. It cracks me up. Logan had no idea it was coming.
Check out the crabs chilling on the rock.
This is what our resort looked like from waaay down the beach.
This proves the water must have been pretty warm - I got in. :)
Later that day I was sitting by the pool and I'd just finished my lunch. All of the sudden this bird flew right up and started eating my leftovers! I started to shoo it away, but then I saw just how pretty it was!
This is the life.
After spending the day at the pool, Mike, Leanne, Logan and I went back to the steak place for dinner.
The day we left, we woke up and instead of seeing a sunrise, we saw it raining over the ocean way in the distance. I had to have my favorite breakfast one more time: Chilaquiles. I NEED to find a place here that has these. Goodbye Cabo! We'll be finding a way to come back soon!

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