Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm so far behind on my blogging! For a couple of weeks there it seemed like every day I had off from work was spent doing wedding stuff! Fun, but exhausting.

So this year we played the birthday thing low key. Logan and I hadn't been to Margarita Ranch in about a year - actually since my 27th birthday. (This place's margaritas and queso were the catalyst for us joining Weight Watchers last year, so we've had to attempt to erase it from our memory.) But since it was a special occasion, we met my parents, Mamaw, and Ross and Jessica there for dinner.

After dinner the waitors brought me cake and sang happy birthday to me. Not sure why Logan has such a mischevious grin in this picture, but it's cute anyway. :)My mom, Jessica and me. Sweet Mamaw was able to come! I love this woman! (She's so tiny!)So at first I thought this gift from my parents was really random. They got me a bird feeder for my back porch. Turns out, I love the thing! I've really enjoyed watching the birds come and eat. The squirrels pick up the scraps the birds drop on the deck, but I've seen some really pretty red birds and blue birds chowing down out there. Good gift guys!Ross and Jess!The next weekend, Mike and Leanne had Logan and I over for a homecooked dinner. Leanne is an AMAZING cook. Anytime she offers to cook something, I'm there. (Not to help of course - to eat! I have no idea what I'm doing in the kitchen.) Anyway, she made pulled pork tacos and they were fabulous. For appetizers she made bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cheese. Best part of all - they were fat free since it was my birthday. (Calories don't count then, right?)I had a great birthday this year! Thanks to my parents for the Margarita Ranch dinner, and to Mike and Leanne for having us over - again. :) (I bought a crock pot yesterday, so you'll be getting an invitation for dinner soon. Maybe I can return the favor and cook you guys something good?)


Jessica said...

cute post lorin...why did you have to post the most ridiculous pic of your favorite sis-in-law?? haha!! oh by the way i think we need to visit margarita ranch again...us and you guys! ;) love ya

Leanne said...

I cant wait for dinner at casa LaPrade. (I love the porta potty in the corner of the grill picture! Will the construction ever end?!?)