Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

This year I spent July 4th out in the country at Fern and Chris' house with Mike, Leanne and some other friends. I wasn't able to go to the lake with Logan because I had planned to buy my wedding dress with my mom and Logan's mom the day after they left for the lake. (After visiting every wedding dress botique in a 40 mile radius, I found THE dress. It's beautiful, of course! Can't post pictures though -- you'll have to wait until April to see it!)

Anyway, on the way to Fern and Chris' house we stopped to buy fireworks at this huge fireworks stand. I bought what I thought at the time were the "big" ones... until I got to Fern and Chris' house and saw the TWO tables of fireworks they had. (I still liked mine though.) :)
After buying the fireworks, we passed this strange thing. I think it's a lady - but he/she definitely wasn't wearing a bra. And he/she had some sort of green stuffed animal standing up on the back of her motorcycle. Weird.
Table 1 of all the fireworks we had. And table 2. Ridiculous, right??
Chris is known for his ability to cook amazing meats. He has his own big smoker in the backyard. We had at least 2 different types of sausage, chicken, and beef. I'm pretty sure we all had the meat sweats. Here's Stevo and me enjoying the food.
Turns out my camera has a "fireworks" setting, so I took some really great pictures of our fireworks. The neighbors would shoot off one at a time, but we had "professional" guys doing ours, and they'd all get together and light several at once. Safe? Probably not. An amazing fireworks display? Absolutely!
Leanne loves palm trees, so she was super excited when she found Palm Tree fireworks.
Fern and Chris.
So when the boys were busy setting up the next round of fireworks, we got creative with sparklers and the fireworks setting on my camera. We took turns spelling out stuff with sparklers! (Don't knock it 'till you try it.) I had Mike make a heart so I could send the picture to Logan. Mike wasn't happy about this, but he did it anyway. :) After all the fireworks were finished, we had ice cream (and beer) for dessert. Apparently Mike slept.
I had a fantastic time! I hope everyone else had a good 4th too!

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