Monday, May 11, 2009

Leanne's Bachelorette Party

Last weekend we had Leanne's bachelorette party! We met up at her Maid of Honor's house for a Lingere shower and drinks first, then headed to Joe T's for dinner and margaritas. Leanne wasn't so sure about wearing the boa and bachelorette sash, but I think she worked it alright!

Leanne decided to model all of her lingere for us - on top of her clothes. :) Because I'm a good friend, you don't get to see those pictures. But here are a few that I loved her face in.
Haha, I love this one. She looks so scared! Leanne and me at Joe T's.
And... a little later...

My camera battery died, so that was the last picture I got. At the end of the night when we went back to her house, she couldn't find her keys so we were locked out. We had to call Mike and have him leave his boy's night to come let us in. While we waited, we decided to run up to the convenience store to see what they had to drink. We picked up our supplies, and came back to their front porch and drank Mimosas while we waited for Mike.
I had a great time going out with Leanne's girls, and I know Mike is going to love all the lingere she got!

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