Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I am so excited! For the first time in my life, I have a real, live Christmas Tree! Its perfect. Logan and I went last weekend to pick it out from the Christmas Tree stand down the street. The guy said we picked the kind that sheds the least and is the most fragrant. I think its a noble fir? Anyway, after we first got it into the condo I was a little worried about all the pine needles everywhere, but it really hasn't shed much since then. Of course I'm terrified I'll kill it. I didn't inherit the green thumb gene. Mine apparently is black. As hard as I try I just can't keep plants alive. Although, surprisingly my poinsettias are doing very well. I was at home depot a couple of weeks ago and saw the most beautiful poinsettias I've ever seen. They are some special "breed" of poinsettia - I can't remember what they're called... Ice Punch or something? Anyway, the leaves are bright red with white swirls in the center. Sort of like peppermints. Anyway, I wanted the larger $30 arrangement, but decided that it made more financial sense for me to kill off the $10 plant instead. I told my mom about my flower find and she said that the trick to keeping poinsettias alive is to put about 4 ice cubes on the dirt every day instead of watering them. Apparently they like the cold. It must be working because they're still living - and still looking good. Back to the tree. Check out my cute tree skirt I found! Its sort of velvet with different sizes of red sequins along the trim. I love it! While its all worth it, I've realized that putting a tree together is a LOT of work. I now understand why after begging her grown children to help out (and not getting any help) my mother decided to just throw some lights on the ficus a few years ago. (Not that I condone this mom, I just understand.) Lucy has completely ignored the tree. Its like she doesn't even know its there - even though I had to rearrange furniture and everything, and its supposed to be very fragrant, she just doesn't notice. I guess I should be thankful. Rather than her knocking it over, or eating it, this just means her daily doses of doggie xanax are doing their job. Even still, I had to try to get some cute pictures of her in her Christmas collar in front of the tree. Logan makes fun of the collar and takes it off her every chance he gets while I sneak it back on when he isn't looking. Hey, its the only time of year I can dress her up! She definitely needs to be groomed, but I think she's still pretty darn cute. Last night Logan and I were supposed to go see the Gaylord Ice exhibit with Mike and Leanne. The traffic was unbelievable, so we ended up pulling over and getting dinner at Don Julio's instead. (The boys had a hard time containing their excitement over the good fortune of not having to see the ice sculptures.) We had a great time with Mike and Leanne as always. Since I've only bought one Christmas present so far, I guess I should use this day off to get some shopping done. I'm not officially a procrastinator if I still have 11 days until Christmas, right?


kinsey said...

love your tree :-)

Mom said...

Just a slight correction to your ever skewed memory. This would be at least the 3rd live tree in your life since Daddy & I purchased live trees a couple of times during your childhood. We just decided the shedding was too much trouble... I must admit that your tree & skirt as well as Crazy Lucy are lovely. How about I donate some decorations from my attic???

Love you,
Reader #3 / aka Mom