Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Big 'Ole Lucy Dog

I know I say it all the time, but Lucy really is one of a kind. Anyone that knows her can attest to the fact that she may have the biggest (and most unique) personality of any dog - ever. Even though she continues to put me through new challenges just about every day, I love this dog with all my heart.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to post a couple of new pictures of her. I've spent all week packing up my apartment and I've sold several things on Craigslist. People have been coming by to pick up the things they've bought, and Lucy definitely knows something is up, which makes her very nervous. She always acts like a big old baby whenever she senses change is coming, so while I've been packing she's been hiding under the kitchen table. When the people came to pick up my washer and dryer she was very concerned, which led to more time under the table. So just now as I took a packing break, Lucy apparently decided she needed some up close and personal face time with me, as you can see in the picture. I mean, over the last two years she's become more and more of a cuddler, but never in our "relationship" has she ever actually sat in my lap. Maybe laid her head on it, or a paw here and there - but this was over the top. And she didn't want to get off either! She was so comfy, I had Logan take a picture because it was so absurd. I know, I know, she's a wooly mammoth right now, but she's getting groomed Friday while the movers are here. Actually, Deb Stover (the woman who runs the Giant Schnauzer Rescue Network, and the one responsible for helping me adopt Lucy) is going to be grooming her. Deb spent years and years showing Giants and doing professional grooming, and now she runs a grooming school where Lucy will be the model dog for Deb to teach Giant Schnauzer grooming. Ah, I'm so proud.

For fun, here's the link to the original posting on Deb's Giant Rescue website where I discovered and fell in love with Miss Lucy. She goes by "Lola" on the site. She was just 5 months old

The other pictures are from Lucy's last trip to the vet. She was so funny. She'd prance all around the room until it sounded like the vet was about to come in. Then she'd run and hide under the bench I was sitting on. I have no idea why she does this because she really likes the vet. My guess is that she's scared they'll take her to the back room like they did when they had to amputate her tail. (See? We have been through a lot together.) Anyway, Lucy actually has another vet appointment for Monday. I think she's either developed incontinence, has a bladder infection, or diabetes. Incontinence is common in Giants, and in the past she's had a few very very small accidents when she was sleeping, but nothing huge. But now, she's peed in her bed twice, in the kitchen twice, and on my big bed twice, all pretty much in the last couple of weeks. From what I've been reading, its really embarrassing for a dog that is housebroken because they do it in their sleep and don't even realize they've had an accident until they wake up. This is definitely true for Lucy. When she wakes up and realizes she's done it, she lowers her head and goes back under the kitchen table. With diabetes, two of the classic symptoms are increased thirst and increased urination. Lucy has always liked drinking a lot of water, but it does seem like she's wanted even more lately which obviously means she has to pee more often. So basically there's something going on, but I won't find out until Monday what it is.

Like I said, even though she's always stirring up trouble, its still ridiculous how much I love this dog. I know she'd give her life to protect me, and apparently I have agreed to go into debt to finance her 'spensive medical needs. ;) Good thing I signed up for the doggie insurance. Its finally going to be worth it this year!


Julie said...

Lorin, So good to hear about both you and Lucy! The pictures are adorable! Give her a hug from AZ and hope that the vet visit is OK.

Jessica said...

Very cool to hear about you and Lucy! Be sure to post pictures of Lucy after she gets groomed. It sounds like she is very very worried about what's coming up, it will be good to get the move over and done with.

Anonymous said...

lucy is just to cute, she reminds me of a mamas baby just like malorie shes something else.