Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Congratulations Ross and Jessica!!

Well, it finally happened. My little brother got engaged!! To her complete surprise, Ross proposed to Jessica after dinner this past Friday. They went to Maggiano's under the pretense of celebrating Ross's promotion at work. Maggiano's is where they've always gone for their anniversaries (all four of them...) and for any other big events they've celebrated. I know they like the food and all, but I personally think they go for the chocolate cake - and frankly, I can't blame them. Anyway, the past few weeks Ross and I had been working on a scrapbook full of pictures taken of he and Jessica through their 4 years together. On the very last page was a picture of the ring (which is gorgeous, by the way!) with Ross's proposal typed out.
Immediately after dinner, they came to Jessica's parent's house where tons of friends and family were all waiting to celebrate the happy news. Family even drove in from out of state to be there to congratulate them. They are both so excited, and Jessica is already in full planning mode. I think they're wanting a Spring wedding, and she'll be posting more details on her blog at http://www.ineedonetogo.blogspot.com/.
So without further ado... the tons and tons of pictures!!

Just like the new ring holder she got says, "Bling Bling, She Got the Ring!!"
This is the picture of the ring that was on the last page of the scrapbook:

Jessica showing off her favorite pages of the scrapbook:

The girls in the family... plus Ross:

Of course, Logan came to celebrate too:

As Jessica calls it, "her NEW family":

The was the cutest cake I've ever seen. And it tasted amazing too!

And obviously the evening wouldn't be complete without the requisite self portrait of the two of us:

I'm so excited to have "inherited" my first sister!! If any of my two readers (hey Dad and Shelby!) are interested in seeing the rest of the pictures from that night, you can see them at http://picasaweb.google.com/lorinlaprade/RossAndJessicaSEngagementParty?authkey=bl-4HrDIW7s
I couldn't be happier for Ross and Jessica. Congratulations you guys!!

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nora said...

As Jessica's future mother-in-law (and reader #3!), I couldn't be happier with my new "daughter #2". Jessica, welcome into this crazy bunch of LaPrade's!

Mama Nora ☺