Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Well, I've been in the new condo for a week and a half now, and things are coming together nicely. I went to the store down the street tonight and got some flowers and a pumpkin for the front door to spruce it up for fall. I think it looks nice and inviting! The new dining room rug also came in, and I love it. I'm really ready for a new dining room table. Nothing against this one, but I got it from a friend's dad for free several years ago when he was moving, and I'm just ready to pick one out that is a little more my style. I'm only posting a few pictures of the condo tonight. I still have several thing I want to get in place before I show the rest of it! So for now, these will have to tide you (my three readers) over. Oh! Make that four readers! I just found out Whitney reads my blog. (Hi Whitney!!)

The last two pictures are of the guest room and the guest bathroom. I'm not quite finished deciding how I want to decorate those yet. I think ultimately the guest room will be a media room, so there will be a comfy couch in there instead of a bed, and then it'll have another wall mounted TV. So if you're gonna visit, do it while there's a place to sleep!

Alright, I'm cooking dinner for Logan tonight, so I'd better get busy. Hopefully its edible... Wish me luck!


Christy said...

i like to read your blog too! i love the front door - it looks so inviting with the pumpkin and mums! also - i love the rug that you got. it looks great!

Marcy Gloeckler said...

Congrats on your cute new place!

Shara said...

You can add me to the list of your faithful readers. And I LOVE the pumpkin and mums!! That's the one thing I couldn't wait to do when I first moved into my house.