Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, 2013!!

This year we celebrated Easter with Logan's family yesterday and my family today.  Yesterday we went out to Rockwall for one of Mrs. Lowry's famous home cooked feasts, and it didn't disappoint!  Once we all had full tummies, we followed Knox's lead and everyone took a nap.  It was the perfect day.  :)  This morning Knox got to see what the Easter bunny brought him before we went to church.  Logan and I took Knox to the "family friendly" service so that he could stay with us.  He did great through all the music, but unfortunately the message just didn't hold his attention, so I had to walk him around the halls outside.  After church, we met my parents and grandparents for lunch and then headed back to my parent's house for dessert.  We had a great weekend spending time with family. 

He was SO excited about his Easter basket!

Checking out the loot.

He is obsessed with this toy!  You push a button and it lights up and spins around. 

Playing with the pinwheel with Daddy.

Stacking the Mickey blocks. 

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