Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Fall!

The weather has been gorgeous lately!  It’s been such a nice break from the heat of the summer.  I put up our new Fall wreath this week, and I love it! 
5.  Fall wreath
We’ve been spending more time outside going for walks, and to the park since it’s been so nice.  I tried to get Knox to smile as we were leaving for the park, but he just would not do it!  Maybe he was practicing his Zoolander pose…
1.  All bundled up in the stroller! Same stoic expression.  I was so confused!  He loves swinging!  2.  Knox in swing That’s more like it!!
3.  Swinging Happy guy!
4.  Swinging
Next, we went to buy Knox his first pair of big boy sneakers.  I took this picture of him in his new shoes when we got home, and when I saw it, I wondered where my baby had gone.  He looks like a big kid now.  Time really needs to slow down.  6.  First big boy shoes!  So grown up

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