Monday, September 10, 2012

“Please, can I climb the stairs??”

We really need to finish baby proofing.  I mean, our child is “only” 10 months old, right?  :)  Knox really, really likes trying to climb up the stairs.  He’s actually good at it, and pretty fast.  (It’s probably good exercise for him!)  But he obviously doesn’t know how to climb back down yet, so I’m constantly standing behind him to keep him from falling.  I think he has a radar for when I’ve got my hands busy (like when I’m doing the dishes) because he crawls over to those stairs as fast as he can and tries to get up them before I can stop him.  And he knows he’s not supposed to do it.  It’s funny to watch.  He’ll get in front of them, pull up, and look back at us and give us this mischievous grin right before he tries to bolt up them.  Stinker!

Here’s his face, practically begging me to let him climb up as I blocked his way.  :) 2.  Sweet face Just a few seconds later…
3.  Climbing stairs
This guy’s quick!

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