Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Family Cabo Trip 2012!!

For Christmas last year, our gift to our parents was to bring them to our timeshare in Cabo this year.  We just got back, and we had a blast!  Knox had been battling a tummy bug for several days before we left, and thankfully the vomiting stopped before we got there.  By the end of the week the rest of him was better too, and he was feeling more like his usual self. 

The waiters at Girasoles (the rooftop restaurant on the property) loved Knox, and put a sombrero on his head when we got there.  :) 
1.  Knox in Sombrero! Nonnie and Knox hanging out in our room.  3.  Knox and Nonnie Ron Ron being silly.  :)
1.  Ron Ron being silly Iguanas always hang out by the pool!
2.  Iguana I loved this picture of Logan carrying Knox to dinner.  3.  Knox and Daddy walking
I also saw Ron Ron and Knox out on the patio one morning and snapped a sweet picture before they saw me.  Love it.  :)  
1.  Knox and Ron Ron on patio Having breakfast together.
3.  Knox and Mommy at breakfast La La giving Knox kisses by the pool.
5.  Knox and Lynn Ron Ron relaxing!  He doesn’t sit still very often, so I had to take a picture to prove it really happened!  :) 6.  Ron Ron relaxing Pool time!
8.  Lorin, Knox, Ron Ron and Logan in the poolWith my little love bug!10.  Mommy and Knox
The property had opened an entirely new pool area since the last time we were there, and this one is focused on the kids.  It was actually really great!  Not crowded at all, plenty of fun stuff for Knox to do, and the water temperature was perfect.  Logan took Knox down the water slide.  :) 2.  Daddy and Knox ready to go down the slide 3.  Coming out of the slide! He loved it!
4.  Sliding was fun! 5.  Sitting in the water Family photo… and I’m getting a sweet kiss from my little man.  :) 6.  Daddy and Mommy, with Knox kissing Mommy's cheek Knox and Nonnie hanging out under the waterfall.
8.  Knox and Nonnie under the waterfall Dinner time!  The Lowrys…
9.  Lowrys The LaPrades…
10.  LaPrades
And a baby with a mohawk.  :)
11.  Knox
Playing with Daddy.
1.  Playing with beach ball 2.  Daddy and Knox Sweet picture…
3.  Knox playing with Daddy's hat The grandparents stayed in with Knox so Logan and I could have a date night at Pitahayas.  It was really, really humid – but also a really, really good time.  :)
6.  Logan and LorinOur dinner view.
5.  Dinner date
Knox and Ron Ron soaking up some sun!
1.  Ron Ron and Knox He loved playing in the waterfall, and trying to climb up the rocks. 
2.  Daddy and Knox playing on the waterfall 3.  Daddy and Knox 7.  Mommy and KNox5.  Daddy holding up Knox9.  Knox and Mommy
Knox’s first time on the beach!
2.  Knox's first time on the beach He wasn’t quite sure what to think of it.  But he did think it was funny when his feet would sink into the sand as the water washed over them.  :)
4.  Knox's first time on the beach 6.  Knox and Mommy on the beach Our happy family.  :)
7.  Knox, Mommy and Daddy on the beach Hanging out with Daddy in the water.
8.  With Daddy in the ocean His swimsuit was so full of sand after this! 
9.  Water washing up on Daddy and Knox He kept trying to eat the sand.  :)
12.  Knox playing in the wet sand Our favorite part of the Cabo beach.  13.  Pretty Cabo beach My sweet parents.  :)
16.  Ron and Nora on the beach La La, Knox and Logan.
17.  Lynn, Knox and Logan in the pool Trying to eat sunscreen.  Part of a balanced diet, right?
19.  Knox eating sunscreen
Eating cheerios out of my hand instead of picking them up.  Silly boy.  :)
1.  Knox eating cheerios out of my hand  Playing with La La and Nonnie on the plane ride home.
3.  Playing with La La on the plane
Two peas in a pod.  :)
2.  Plane ride home We had such a great trip.  It’s definitely different traveling with a baby, but we still had so much fun.  I can’t wait to bring him back next year!

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Marcy Gloeckler said...

Looks like a great trip! I'm so glad that Knox did well, and that you had an amazing time!