Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playing Around

It’s so fun to watch Knox learn how all of his toys work.  He’s really getting into them lately, and now that he’s more mobile, it’s fun to watch him go from toy to toy.  He’s a busy guy!
1.  Playing with toy Singing!  (Just like his Momma!)
3.  Singing! Hi Mom!
4.  Hi mom! I thought his face in this picture was really funny, and it looks like he’s honking Pooh’s nose.  :) 5.  Honk Honk Poo Giving Eeyore sweet kisses.  :)
6.  Giving Eeyore kisses
He loves this toy.  Anything that has knobs or dials on it for him to twist and turn is a-okay with him.  7.  Loves this toy!

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