Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bananas and Horses

We’re introducing Knox to more and more table foods, and most days he’s pretty good about at least trying them.  Today we tried bananas, which he loves in the baby food puree form, so I thought he’d really like them.  Oh, he liked them alright.  Just not to eat.  :)  Apparently smooshing them is loads of fun!!   
1.  Mashing Bananas For Christmas last year, Knox’s Great Aunt Valine got him a stuffed horse to ride, and now that he’s a little older we thought we’d see if he liked it. 
2.  Riding horsie I think he was more interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV.  :) 
3.  Not impressed with horse

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Jacqueline said...

wow, just a few days before your little one is ONE!