Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Knox’s 6 Month Pictures

I just realized I never posted Knox’s 6 month pictures!  We ended up having to take them on 2 separate days because Knox just wasn’t giving out ANY smiles that first day.  We met the photographer at the Grapevine Botanical gardens, and she’d recommended we come in the late morning to have the best light and before it got too hot.  But this meant Knox’s nap was cut short, so once we started taking pictures, not only was he way  more interested in seeing all the new sights and flowers around him, he was tired too.  We drove out to her studio the following weekend to get the rest of the pictures.  We got a few more smiles, but mostly I think he was confused as to why we were dancing around making silly noises trying to get him to laugh.  :)  Whatever it takes, right??  
IMG_0481-1 IMG_0503-1IMG_0492-1IMG_0873-1 IMG_0889-1 IMG_0892-1 IMG_0894-1 IMG_0901-1 IMG_0941-1IMG_0948-1IMG_0958-1IMG_0906-1 IMG_0923-1IMG_0929-1IMG_0968-1IMG_0970-1IMG_0985-1

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