Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 17 of Knox’s ISR lessons – Just about ready to graduate!!!

I literally had happy tears in my eyes while I watched Knox in swim lessons today.  He did SO WELL!!!  His teacher said that our next step is to have him perform these swimming skills fully clothed and wearing a regular diaper tomorrow.  The diaper obviously becomes full of water, which is heavy and will weigh him down some, making it harder to turn himself and float.  Once he proves that he can still do this with the diaper and clothes on, he’ll be a Self Rescue Swim Graduate! 

Here’s today’s video.  It’s pretty amazing.  The first video shows him bringing himself into a float after “falling” into the water from 3 different directions.    

The next video is Knox “swimming”, being flipped, and floating. 

Words cannot adequately express just how proud I am of Knox.  I’ve had so many people tell me they want to enroll their kids in these swim classes because they’ve seen the videos of Knox doing it, and that makes me so happy!  I’d love it if he could help someone else learn how to stay safe in the water too.  :) 

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