Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Shower for Knox!

On September 17th, several of my sweet friends hosted a beautiful baby shower for Knox!  I had such a great time getting to visit with everyone and playing with all the fun baby stuff Knox now has.  Everyone’s generosity has definitely helped me feel like we’re more prepared to bring a baby home in a few weeks. 

With the hostesses:  Lori, Jacqueline, Whitney, Shara and Rachel. 25.  Shower hostesses
An adorable diaper cake in his nursery colors!  2.  Diaper cake 
Amazingly delicious cupcakes with Knox’s monogram, and some of my favorites – hydrangeas.  (They know me well… chocolate and flowers!)  3.  Flowers and cupcakes
Lori made her famous fruit salad in the watermelon carriage.  3.  Watermelon carriage
I loved this – guests wrote little notes to Knox in a Dr. Seuss book whose main character is also named Knox!  19.  Dr. Seuss Knox book
Everyone also wrote Logan and I messages on diapers to cheer us up when we’re doing those middle of the night diaper changes.  So cute!1.  Diaper notes   
Sweet high school friends, Amanda and Ginni. 24.  Amanda, Lorin and Ginni
Marcy and I – I was 32 weeks along, and she was around 24 weeks.
  26.  Lorin and Marcy
This picture is incredibly special to me.  It’s the last picture taken of Joyce before she passed away unexpectedly two days later.  I am so thankful I got to visit with her at the shower.  She was such an amazing lady.  20. Joyce, Lorin and Mamaw 9-17-11
Leslie and I27.  Lorin and leslie
And Angela and I.  Angela gave birth to her sweet little girl, Addilyn about a week later!  23.  Lorin and Angela
My mom, Lynn, Bari and Peggy6.  Mom, Lynn, Bari, Peggy
Jacqueline and I8.  Lorin and Jac
We played the perfect shower game for me.  We had to match the celebrity baby names with their famous parents.  Loved it!10.  Celebrity baby name game
Cute blankets!14.  Baby blankets
Sweet little penny loafers.  15.  Baby shoes
Cowboys pacifiers – Logan loves them.  :)  15.  Cowboys pacifiers
Aunt Bari had a sweet story to go along with her gift…16.  Aunt Bari's story
…an amazing handmade quilt.  I love it!  I’m super sentimental, so I love that she and Joyce worked on it together for Knox.  18.  Quilt       
The Grandmothers-To-Be!28.  Lorin and the Grandmas
Me with my sweet Mamaw.  Sure do love that lady!  29.  Lorin and mamaw
All the Lowry, LaPrade, and Sheppard family.  30.  LaPrade, Lowry, Sheppard family
I had such a great time, and am so thankful for wonderful friends who came to celebrate Knox! 

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