Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bump Update

I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t updated in over a month!  So sorry.  I’ll start doing better – especially since I start my maternity leave on Saturday!!  Just two more shifts before 5 blissful weeks of organization and relaxation… as long as Knox cooperates and stays put that whole time.  :) 

Since my last post, I’ve had a couple more visits to the OB.  Two days before my 32 week visit, I had a little bit of a scare.  During the drive home from work that night I noticed I was having quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions.  I’d been on my feet all day though, so I tried to not worry about them.  But as I was eating dinner when I got home, I noticed they’d actually been pretty regular.  I timed a few and discovered they were exactly 8 minutes apart.  They didn’t necessarily hurt, but since they were so regular and had been happening for a couple of hours, I decided to call my doctor.  We decided they were probably from being on my feet all day at work, and being dehydrated.  So I drank several glasses of water, and took a warm bath – as ordered.  They slowed down, and I was able to sleep that night without any problems.  Because of the contractions though, they did another sonogram at my doctor’s appointment that week.  At 32 weeks, Knox was weighing in at 4 lbs 3 ounces.  If he gains the half pound a week like most babies should at this point, he’ll weigh around 8 and a half pounds on his due date.  Yowza!

I still feel him moving around all the time, and in the last week or so his movements have gotten HUGE.  At least they feel that way to me!  I can see my entire stomach move, and sometimes see his little heel pop up.  Logan can even feel his hiccups now, and the top left corner of my abdomen is always very firm – right where his little booty sits.  :) 

And now for the pictures you’ve so patiently been waiting for (Mom and Dad). 

30 weeks:
1.  30 weeks 9-8-11 
31 weeks:
1.  31 weeks 9-11-11 
And for the truly brave, a bare belly shot, also at 31 weeks.  (I spared you the frontal bare belly shot.  You can thank me later!)  :)  
2.  31 weeks 9-11-11
32 weeks – I didn’t get around to taking a picture at home, so here’s one of me, bump to bump with Marcy at Knox’s shower:26.  Lorin and Marcy
And I accidentally skipped 33 weeks, so here I am today – at 34 and a half weeks.  He’s really popped out in the last couple of weeks!
1.  34 weeks  10-5-11 
To finish up, I just wanted to show a couple of outfits I couldn’t resist.  First, the sock monkey onsie.  Who doesn’t love the sock monkey??  (There’s a giant one on the hiney of this outfit!)2.  Sock Monkey front
And I know it looks like a jail uniform, but it’s really Knox’s first Polo!  It’s super soft, and I just fell in love with it.  1.  Knox's first Polo
And then there’s Lucy Loo – pre haircut.  She has no idea how much her world is about to change!3.  Lucy 
Also, one day a couple of weeks ago I woke up to find not one, but two bouquets of beautiful flowers in my kitchen!  What a sweet husband I have!  1.  Flowers 2.  Flowers
I hope everyone’s having a great week!  T-Minus 45 hours until maternity leave for me!  Not that I’m counting…   ;) 

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