Friday, July 23, 2010

My new "office"

I've worked in the Congenital Heart Surgical Unit (which is the cardiac ICU for kids) at Medical City Children's Hospital for about two and a half months now, and so far I'm loving it! About a month ago, we got to move into our brand new unit! It is SO nice. A few days before we moved the patients in, all the nurses had to come in for training on our new equipment. I got there a little early, and took a few pictures and thought I'd share them.

This is the main nurses station area of the unit.
Same area, but a few steps back, looking at the patient rooms across from it. At the end of the hall, looking into a patient room. This is inside one of the patient rooms. All the blinds were closed in this room, but basically all of the rooms have the back wall full of windows, which is nice. The two things hanging from the celing on each side of the crib are called "booms". This is where your main monitor is, and where the majority of your electrical outlets are, where you plug in your suction, and pretty much anything you'd need. It's nice to have them because they are completely adjustable, and can move pretty much anywhere in the room. This makes it possible to orient your room in any direction you want, depending on what equipment you need to make room for. So instead of having to always put the head of the bed against a certain wall, you can put it wherever you want, and move the booms to fit your needs. SO nice! This is the other side of the room. I didn't get a good picture, but my nurse friends will know what I'm talking about. Below the TV is our supply cart. They are twice as wide as they were in the old unit, so we can store more supplies directly in the room instead of having to run to the clean utility room to get them. They lock, so we can also keep our patient's meds in the drawer, including narcotics, so again, it prevents you from having to run all over the place to get what you need. The wooden cabinet on the wall is a wall mounted computer, so you can chart in the room. The window to the left of the TV is where the nurse can sit and chart outside of the room, and still be able to see in. This is nice if you have two patients next door to each other, so you can see them both at the same time. Although there's also a window between each room so you can always see your patient next door. This is the view of the unit from outside that room we were just in. That's all the pictures I have of the new unit. Everyone loves being able to work in such a nice new area. If any of my Children's friends are interested in a tour, I'd be happy to take you... especially if you'd consider coming up there to work with me full time! ;)

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