Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

I had to work on New Year's Day again this year, but we didn't want to let that spoil all of New Years! So Logan and I met Mike and Leanne at Trulucks for dinner.
Leanne has officially changed her name, so now she is officially Leanne Goodspeed!

This is the first time I haven't loved my steak from Trulucks. When I cut into it the first time, my knife came out bloody. We'd already had 2 courses of food and I was pretty full, so rather than send it back I just ate the more cooked parts around the edges and avoided the middle of my steak. This way I could save more room for dessert!
This right here is the main reason Logan and Leanne love Trulucks: Dirty Martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives. I don't get it, but they sure do enjoy them.
Leanne ended the night with a double espresso. Black. (I tried it, and I'm not sure how anyone drinks those. I think this is where the the saying "it puts hair on your chest" comes from...)
Mmmm... my chocolate cake! Happy 2010!!! It's gonna be a big one for Logan and me!

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