Monday, January 4, 2010

Jeff Came to Visit!

Christmas and New Years also means that Jeff comes to town for his annual visit! I love this guy. It's always so good to see him and get to hang out for a while.

Mike, Jeff and Logan enjoying some vino while Leanne finishes up dinner. Lucy (aka Miss Spoiled Rotten) howling because she wasn't getting enough attention.
Leanne made the BEST chicken parmisean. Ever. I love when she cooks. Logan and I, with full tummies.
Jeff, after teaching me all about wine making.
Logan getting into Cowboys watching position.
Lucy konked out during the 4th quarter.
The girls, Summer and Blondie, cozied up in Mike's lap towards the end of the game too.
A silly picture of Logan and me. (Sure do love that guy.)

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