Thursday, October 15, 2009

I did it!!

I'm sooo excited! I finally bought... a Jewel Jet!! I've been wanting one since I got this fantastic bling on my left hand, but I thought I'd first try to keep the ring clean with regular jewelry cleaner. Don't get me wrong - the jewelry cleaner makes these diamonds sparkle like crazy. I just can't get in between the side stones and the setting in a couple of places, and while no one else probably notices, I want every angle sparkling like the very first day I got it! Enter: The Jewel Jet! It's an at home jewelry steamer, and it supposedly works so well that even jewelry stores have started using them instead of the big bulky steamers. It should get here next Tuesday, and I can't wait!!


Lori said...

So what's the charge for friends that want to come over for a cleaning?

Marcy said...

I am jealous! It sounds amazing!!