Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We've got some catching up to do...

Looks like I've gotten behind on my blogging, so here is the first of several posts to update you on what's been going on!

My family had a joint celebration at the beginning of May to celebrate Logan's birthday, Jessica's birthday, and Mother's Day all in one. We went to dinner at the Olive Garden (yummm...) and then back to my parent's house for cookie cake and card playing. I'd like to take this moment to remind everyone that I WON for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!

Here are some fun pictures from that night. (I just love my family!)

Jessica and Logan showing off their cookie cake. Can you tell how much Logan likes cookie cake?
Jessica and me (sans makeup - yikes!) My parents got Logan the movie "Taken", which we'd watched the night before and he loved, as you can see. :) My dad had given a couch to Goodwill that afternoon, and in return Goodwill gave us a 10% discount coupon to their store. As a joke, we included this in one of Jessica's gifts. I personally found it hilarious. I think you can see from her face what she thought of it. :) Jessica has been working on making my dad "hip", so here they are, apparently throwing gang signs? I don't think the other deacons at church would be too pleased, Ron...
We had a great time just hanging out as a family that night. I'm looking forward to my birthday in a couple of weeks so we can do it all over again!

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Jessica said...

i say re-match on the card game bride to be!! and yes we are working on making ron hip! ;) cute pics!