Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mike and Leanne are "Unofficially-Official"!!

Well, they did it! Sort of... Since Mike and Leanne are getting married in Mexico, they were required to have a legal ceremony here in the US - unless they wanted their Mexican wedding to be in Spanish. So on May 25th, Mike and Leanne met with a Justice of the Peace (in Oak Cliff, which is a whole other story!) and were "officially" married! It was just the two of them, and they both say they will still count their June 13th Mexican wedding as their real wedding, but none the less, Logan and I met up with them afterwards to celebrate!

First, we met them at Capitol Grill for happy hour Stoli-Dolies. (Always delicious!) Then we went over to Trulucks for a celebration dinner. I love this picture of them during dinner.
And here's a shot of Mike (and a little of Logan) chowing down on their King Crab.
After dinner we walked over to the Ritz for drinks. Check out Leanne's Christian Louboutins!!

And here are their rings! They wore them that night, but aren't going to wear them again until their "real" wedding ceremony in Mexico. Logan and I just love these two kids, and we couldn't be happier for them. They are great friends, and we can't wait to celebrate their wedding with them in Mexico... THIS SATURDAY!!

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Leanne said...

That dress does not flatter my food baby. Yikes! Really, thank you for taking pictures because I was not in the state of mind to do it.