Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Its Open!

After over a year of construction, they have finally opened part of the new tower at work! Ashley, Sheradon and I took a break and went over to check it out yesterday, and it was so amazing that I couldn't help but take some pictures with my iPhone. I would have taken more of some of the other areas, but I was being teased. :) They really went all out with this new tower. There are tons of fun, textured decorations all over the place that are kid friendly and just invite you to touch them. If I were a kid I'd completely forget I was actually at a hospital.

This is an overall shot of the new lobby when you first walk into it from the "old" tower. I love how the columns are silver so the twinkle stars make really cool reflections on them. The butterflies are really pretty too.
More pretty butterflies.

From the second floor looking down into the lobby. I love the poufy lights!

A close up of part of the huge glass/tile mosaic on the wall. I LOVE this.

I can't wait to see the rest of the new tower as they open it. If you want to come visit me at work and see all the cool new stuff just let me know! Its way more impressive in person. We could even get lunch at the new La Madeline they're opening there! Yummm...

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Anonymous said...

that is so cool I love the pics thanx for sharing. We will be down april 25th Childrens is having a 2nd yr memorial for Bray. So if you working that Sat I will come see you.