Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Because it's just beautiful...

So because I just posted pictures of the new lobby at Children's and realized how much I absolutely love the mosaic artwork Sonia King does for our hospital, I decided to visit her website. I may just have to find a place in my house for her to make something for me. I love this stuff. Everything she makes is beautiful. So, for your viewing pleasure, I'm posting more pictures!
This is actually a mosaic glass window she made for a conference room on the 11th floor ICU at work.

The balloon wall on my floor!

My favorite of the walls on the units:

I also found some pictures of the gorgeous mosaic in the new lobby. The pictures I took were from my iPhone, so weren't that great - here they are from her website in better quality.


Lori said...

How exciting about a new tower. You're right though... those mosaics are simply breathtaking. Hopefully I can see them in person some day (as a visitor, not as a patients' mother that is).

Lisa said...

Hey Lorin, Just saw your comment about cord blood banking. I am so sorry it took me forever!! Jason and I talked about this issue for like 30 sec...we don't do it mainly b/c it is so expensive and we just put our faith in the most current treatment. I honestly have not researched it one bit...I have no idea what the right answer is. That was probably the most unhelpful answer to date. Miss you and I love the art work!