Saturday, February 7, 2009

Things I've Thought About Whilst Being Sick

Medicine head is a true phenomenon. In fact, I'm experiencing it right now.

Chick Fil-A puts crack in their food. There is no other rational explanation for why I need it so much.

I can't stand Steve Wilkos. FYI Steve - yelling at someone a mere 1.7 millimeters from their face does not count as therapy. It is unnecessary, and probably unsanitary with the amount you sweat and spit. You're just a big, bald, bully and the people you are "sticking up" for are gonna get pummelled by the men you've spent your show screaming at. So there!

I could (and do) spend hours watching Snapped and TruTV. It never ceases to amaze me that people continue to think they'll get away with "the perfect murder".

The New Kids on the Block never really were all that good. But man, was I obsessed with them. Especially Jordan.

Tyra Banks is trashy. You're not Oprah. Never were. Never will be. No one cares what you have to say.

I'm tired of how people worship Oprah. She's a talk show host - not God. (Am I gonna be struck by lightning for saying that?)

They now make a portable fireplace space heater? How is this even possible? I saw it on an infomercial at 4 a.m. Some old lady was wheeling it around her house to keep warm.

Lately it seems like TBS plays Mr. Deeds all day every day. And I never get tired of it. I love that Emilio. He's very, very sneaky.

Who ever decided the "rat tail" was a good look? And why did I recently see someone rocking it?

Bobby Brady was the cutest Brady. Not so much anymore. (Yep. That's really him.)

Koala bears aren't as cute as I originally thought... they're actually quite disturbing.

Michael Jackson just ain't right people...

That show The Bad Girls Club should really be called The Sad Girls Club. Those girls are pathetic. What ever happened to good, quality television - like Charles in Charge? Am I right?

I'm completely obsessed with The Bachelor. I love how every week they guarantee it to be "THE most dramatic rose ceremony - EVER".

I'm also slightly falling in love with Seth Rogen. Couldn't tell you why, but its true nevertheless...

And I will see every single movie this guy is in.

Watching Sex and the City always makes me feel better. So does wearing my fuzzy bath robe. So when I'm sick, I combine the two, and it just makes everything better. In fact, that sounds pretty good about now...


Stephanie said...

Ah yes....the beauty of the Bachelor is never-ending! I have noticed that the shows where something doesn't go down in Bachelor history aren't quite as fun! :)

Jessica said...

ahh i love that show snapped!! oh and of course sex and the city ever since you first introduced it to me!! :)

kathryn said...

best post ever. i have always wanted to make one, but never had the patience. even while i was sick with the respiratory flu too. in fact, i am in awe you managed to think straight enough to make a coherent post. although, became one of my closest friends and I started an addiction of Friday Night Lights. i was behind on that show, and now feel like i have new friends and know all there is to know about small Texas towns and football.

glad you're feeling better!

Lisa said...

You are killing funny. Man don't make me break out my black t-shirt with HOMEBOY written on it:)