Friday, August 15, 2008


What a crazy couple of weeks! Logan was discharged from the hospital on Monday, after spending 6 long and boring days there. He wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything for the first three days, and when he was advanced to a clear liquid diet, he absolutely fell in love with the chicken broth. Kept saying it was the best thing he'd ever had in his life. He made such a big deal about it that the lady who brought the meal trays in snuck him FIVE whole extra broth packets - just for him. I mean, he was so obsessed with that broth that when the docs said he could be advanced to a regular diet, he made sure he could still eat as much broth as he wanted. The picture is of Logan chowing down on a grape popsicle. If you look closely, you'll notice he'd already finished his chicken broth of course. As for his health, he's feeling much better. He'll have several doctor's appointments over the next few weeks, including the dreaded colonoscopy to biopsy the abscess in a month or so. He also has another CT next week to make sure the abscess is still shrinking with just the oral antibiotics.

As for me, while Logan was busy causing trouble in the hospital, I got the all-clear from my foot doctor! I'm finally out of that hideous boot! I went back to work this week after having been off for a month, and to tell you the truth, I was glad to be back. Seeing everyone up there was like coming home, as cheesy as that sounds. The people I work with are so important to me - they really are my second family. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't really miss the work. Mostly just the people. :) But now that I think about it, it was nice being around the kiddos again too... they are pretty cute.

One of my best college friends, Jeff, was also in town this week and it was great getting to see him. He just finished his Masters at Berkley and stopped by the good 'ole Lone Star State on the way to Florida to begin his Doctorate. Logan and I took him to brunch at Breadwinners, which he'd surprisingly never eaten at. We got to see him again when we went over to Mike and Leanne's after Mike and Paul's hockey game. I know Jeff hasn't even started at Florida State yet, but I'm ready for him to be done so I can convince him to move back to Dallas! I miss that guy.

At Mike and Leanne's we watched the Olympic women's gymnastics competition. People that can do half the things gymnasts do without killing themselves absolutely amaze me. There are now tons of news reports coming out about half the Chinese team being under the age of 16, which is what we all kept saying the whole time we were watching. What I wanna know is why there's even a question about it!! Isn't it obvious just by looking at them?!? Their team is made up of children, giving them a HUGE advantage, therefore making it completely unfair that they won the gold. If they really are all at least 16, then they deserve the medal, but if they're not (and they aren't) then why aren't the officials taking the gold away from them? You're just pathetic if you have to cheat to win.

One more thing and then I'm done. Lucy has started doing this really weird thing. Whenever I'm drying my hair and I flip my head upside down, she gets up from wherever she is and starts circling my legs and even doing figure eights through them, rubbing her body against me like a cat. She does this the entire time I'm upside down, just rubbing up against me and begging me to pet her, and when I stand back up she goes and lays down again. I think she's confused about what species she is.

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Your dog is as neurotic as mine!