Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

This year we celebrated my mom's birthday with lunch after church with my grandparents, Ross and Jessica, Mamaw and Papaw, and Ken and Nancy. 
Always happy when food is involved.  :)

Shoveling it in!

Silly boy.  :)

Love this man.

Smooches from Nonnie.

Knox loving on the birthday girl!

Reading birthday cards and opening gifts.

Giving Aunt Jess a smooch!

Got her!

Little stinker.  ;)

Just chillin'

Smooshing Uncle Ross' face.  :)

High fives with Ken and Nancy went well!

But learning "bumps" didn't...  (I love this picture!  Favorite of the day.)    :)

The boy loves lemons and limes!

With Great Papaw and Great Mamaw. 
Happy Birthday, Mom!!  We all love you!

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