Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

Last weekend, our entire family was able to go to the Smith's lakehouse to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. We had such a great weekend, relaxing, and just getting to hang out.

Every morning, the deer would come out and wait under our porch for us to feed them. One morning (when I didn't have my camera ready - of course!) there were 8 deer out there at one time. It was so cool. The next morning, I was able to get pictures of two of them. Here's the baby girl deer. And the buck. (I think that's what they're called when they have antlers, right?)Ken, Ross, Jessica and my Dad feeding the deer. Look at him, waiting for more bread!At one point, a cat wandered up. The deer ignored him for a little while, but ultimately tried to stomp on him. Too bad he missed. (I hate cats.)Saturday we spent the day at the lake. We rented a big pontoon boat, which was so much fun! We even talked my dad into getting in the water - which, if you know my father, wasn't an easy task.

Here's Logan, sitting in his life jacket so he could float. Good idea! :) And my brother, with a plethora of floating devices. Logan, my dad, my mom, Nancy and Ken, all bobbing in the water. Jessica, posing before jumping into the lake. Jessica jumping from the other end of the boat. My mom and Nancy. My turn to jump!Jessica was so sweet to order cupcakes for my dad's birthday! They were "The Beatles" cupcakes, my dad's favorite band. The first box had a couple of records, a guitar, and a music note...And the other box had John, Paul, George and Ringo, along with some British Flags. We didn't have a birthday candle, so he blew out a lighter. :) Happy Birthday Dad!!The next day, my mom had to head back to McKinney for Dr. Warren's going away party, so I got to go with my dad and the Smiths to the Jersey Boys show. Before the show started though, we ate at this great little restaurant that we'd never heard of. I ordered Hummus for everyone, and my dad actually tried some. (And he liked it!) We had so much fun getting to spend time with our family and friends. Thank you, Ken and Nancy for letting us hang out at your lake house! Can't wait to do it again!

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Jessica said...

cute pics! we had fun too!