Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Engagement Slideshow...

The amazingly gifted Mark Presley offered to make a slide show for Logan and I as a wedding gift. We dug out all of our old pictures from when we were growing up, and added some from the time Logan and I started dating until now, including some of our engagement pictures. He asked us to pick the music, and he did the rest! I LOVE the finished product! Mark also did our videography for the wedding, and I know it will be fabulous.

Enjoy our slideshow!

laprade slideshow from mark presley on Vimeo.


breamarie said...

Congrats on your wedding!

I'm nominating you for The Sunshine Award because your blog is Positive and Creative...just like you!

Leanne said...

i think you forgot you have a blog so hopefully this comment will send a reminder to your email :)