Monday, April 13, 2009

Jessica's Bachelorette Party

This past Saturday night, we had my soon-to-be sister-in-law's bachelorette party! We started at Gloria's for dinner and a lingere shower. The picture above is when we first arrived at Gloria's: KC (maid of honor), me, Jessica (the Bride!), Alina and Brittany.

Next, Jessica got to start opening all her gifts. The first one was all of her bachelorette night attire, including a veil with devil horns, a bachelorette sash, and a dare pin.
Everyone also got to wear light up bling rings! Here I am modeling mine... hopefully there will be some real bling on that finger soon enough... ;) In addition to lingere, Jessica also got some other "fun" gifts. No explanation needed. Note the batteries. The waiter bought Jessica a blow job shot, and told her if she used her hands it would cost her $15. She took it down like a champ! Here's Jessica and I when we got to Pete's Piano Bar. The guys behind us kept making weird faces in all our pictures the whole night.
Jess and KC dancing the night away. (Probably to Journey - always a crowd pleaser!)
The lovely KC and myself... and the guy behind us.
Since they kept getting in all our pictures anyway, we finally just decided to take one together. Apparently I was really feeling the music at this point.
They called Jessica up on stage, and with instructions from Brittany they were successful in embarrassing the crap out of her! I think KC has this all on video somewhere. Priceless!

We ordered a round of red headed sluts for the table. Even though Jessica sipped hers, I still think she liked it. :)
Alison, a lady I work with, was having her bachelorette party that night at Pete's too! It was so fun to be able to see my work friends outside of work for a change.
Whitney and me. The last time Whitney and I were out together was at the Mimosa house, where she slid down the stairs and wound up with her dress up over her head and a bruised tailbone!
Brittany and me.
With KC.
Jess and Brittany showing off their mad dancing skills. I think they were dancing to a hilarious song.... I can't tell you what it is, but if you see the picture below, you can probably guess it...
Two hints: 1. That's a box. 2. Justin Timberlake.
We all had a fantastic time. Now just 5 more days till the wedding!


Lori said...

Looks like you all had a great time. But c'mon, be honest... a SMIDGE weird to think about all this happening with little Ross-y, right?

Mike said...

Wow a Bachelorette at pete's piano bar. Such a different way to go but it looks like it was crazy fun all night long.

zerry ht said...

Wow!! Enjoyable bachelorette party. I am very happy to see the bride enjoyed her day fully. Recently went to my cousin’s bachelorette party at one of Los Angeles venue and was very happy to find amazing arrangements done there.